Richard Emberton Illustration

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I grew up on a farm, worked in Silicon Valley as a User Experience Designer, then went back to school to get an MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I currently live and work near Seattle.

My pictures are mostly created digitally. Some pieces start as ink, pastel or acrylic, then are brought into a software paint app. My compositions are often structured like a portrait, with a realistic face or head-and-shoulders as the main element.

I want my work to spike the viewer's interest while appealing to their concerns. The goal is a mix of intellectual with emotional, to raise attention and carry forward an idea while not being too preachy.

Recent Recognition

■ Communication Arts Illustration Annual 58, Award of Excellence

■ 3x3 Illustration Annual 14, honorable mention

■ 3x3 Illustration Directory 2018

My work can also be seen on the Directory of Illustration site at:

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