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copyright 2018 Richard Emberton My name is Richard Emberton and I'm a User Experience Designer. With a career spanning 12+ years, I've worked for big software companies and small start-ups, from full UX design to specific UI and visual design. 


Projects and case studies...

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How I Work

I follow a general UX Design 5-step process, while allowing for flexibility.

For each project, determine the scope of the design effort and make sure all key players are in agreement early on, and throughout. Set schedule and priorities, share and review results, and get ready to resolve any surprises along the way.


Richard Emberton has over 12 years of experience as a UX Designer, working for enterprise software companies and tiny start-ups, within teams as an employee, a contractor, or freelance consultant; from Silicon Valley to the Seattle area.

Experience: From enterprise-level user interaction to specific UI and visual design; for new apps or features, or to improve existing products.

Roles: As the designer supporting one or more products, collaborating with a Usability Researcher, overseeing cross-product design guidelines, and sometimes serving as a one-person design team.

A common element is always the the communication and coordination of design progress with stakeholders; to cultivate an understanding between design and key players across teams, ultimately toward success of the product for users and in the marketplace.


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